St Paul and St Peter's Church, Eye

St Paul and St Peter's Church is hugely impressive and dates back to 1470. Inside there is a 15th century wooden rod screen with intricate carving, and paintings of kings, saints and bishops. Although the paintings have faded they have been partly restored and give an idea of the brilliant colours that would’ve been seen in the Middle Ages.
The Church Tower is also mighty impressive at over 101 feet/30 metres high – described by Nicholas Pevsner as “one of the wonders of Suffolk”. The Church was probably rebuilt on the site of an older church, as was common in East Anglia during this period of prosperity. Hard to believe now but in the 15th and 16th century East Anglia was, apart from London, the wealthiest and most densely populated area in England due, primarily, to the wool and cloth trade and the region’s strategic position facing the Low Countries across the sea.

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