The King’s Head otherwise known as The Low House is unique as it is one of the very few pubs left in Britain that has no bar-counter.

You go in the tap room at the back, order your beer which is drawn directly from the barrel and they give you a tray with them on to carry back to your seat.

Before you reach the barrels, you pass through a room dominated by an ancient fireplace. There are beautiful old settles in a U-shape, with a table in the  middle. Another room, also called the tap room, likewise has one large table and bench seats around it.

This is a social pub and the locals are friendly!  You will often see people sat playing cards or board games and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming.  The owners Bob and Linda pride themselves on still having a sense of tradition and no blaring jukeboxes or fruit machines. A pub well worth a visit for a step back in time and traditional feel.

Adnams Pub of the Year 2010

Gorams Mill Ln